WOD – Sunday 9/6

12/10 cals AB
12 strict press
12 front squats
10/8 cals AB
10 push press
10 front squats
8/6 cals AB
8 thrusters

Strict press – 4×6 w/:03 negative

SA DB strict press – 4x6e w/:03 negative

21 thrusters (95/65#)
21 cals AB
Rest 1:30
18 thrusters
18 cals AB
Rest 1:00
15 thrusters
15 cals AB
Rest :45
12 thrusters
12 cals AB

5 rounds
14 DB front rack squats
14 DB S2OH
14/10 cals AB

Fathom – a moderate workout in overall length, however, each piece is a short sprint like interval
Gear – thrusters always find a way to push the limits of breathing and heart rate, paired with the bike, you better be ready for it. Do not put the bar down unless there is impending doom. Put it down when you are done with the reps.
Knots – no “approach” here. Go hard early and depend on that rest to recover enough to do it all over again

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