WOD – Thursday 9/17

2 or 3 rounds
200m run
12t step-ups
10 push-ups
8 ring rows

All tracks
With a partner complete all of the following in any order in any rep scheme. But, you cannot be working at the same time.
2 mile run
100 suitcase step-ups
50 strict pull-ups
100 push-ups

Fathom – longer workout, but done with a friend, so only half of the work is your job
Gear – the “you go, I go” set-up creates a sprint interval situation. Make your reps hurt a little bit.
Knots – strategy is up to you. Break it up however you want, in any order you want, in any serving size. What do you think is you best approach?
Current – lot of moving parts, but most importantly, you and your partner have your own space. No sharing.

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