WOD – Wednesday 6/3

3 rounds
10 push-ups w/alt shoulder taps
5 strict press
10 banded high pulls to pull-aparts

BB strict press – 3×5 with a :03 negative
All sets and reps done at a RPE of 6
Prioritizing strict strength before getting back into the dynamic lifts like the push press and push jerk. We need to be very deliberate and aware fo what we are doing with the barbell. Weight is secondary to good form and full ROM. Coming back from the 8+ weeks away from heavy compound movements like the back squat, deadlift, press and olympic lifts will need to be a slow reintroduction. Be smart today and really try to stick to the plan.

Half kneeling DB strict press – 4x8e
Same arm is pressing as kneeling knee.

12 min AMRAP
5 strict pull-ups or ring rows
15 wall balls
*ring rows must have :01 pause at the top
I might have missed wall balls the most. I feel like I could have found a place to do them, but my quarantine policy is if you guys can’t do it, I am not going to. I am so excited to do some wall balls. This workout is one with an old trick called a funnel. Use a heavy barbell, a high skill gymnastic movement or something strict to slow down an athlete. Today, he strict pull-ups are just that. 15 wall balls will not be a problem, but their effects will begin to play a role in your strict pulling. These pull-ups do not have to be done unbroken, but if it is your first real introduction back to pulling, maybe cutting the number down will help you maintain a pace.

12 min AMRAP
10t DB swings
15 jumping squats
10t SA DB S2OH
This workout will be harder than the PortFit workout because there is no place to hide. It is 5th gear, pedal down front he very beginning. Stay a little bit lighter with the DB and see if you can find a little rest in the transitions.

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