WOD – Wednesday 7/29

2 rounds
10/8 cals AB
10 push-ups to down dog + 2 shoulder taps
10 banded high pulls to pull-aparts
Then, w/a barbell
6 strict press
8 push press
10 push jerks

Push jerk – 12 minutes to work up to a heavy double for the day

4 rounds
8 DB push press left
:30 OH hold
8 DB push press right
:30 OH hold

4 rounds
50 DU’s
15 S2OH (95/65#)
10 T2B

4 rounds
10/8 cals on any machine
10 DB S2OH
10 laying toe touches

Fathom – moderate time domain with rounds being between 1:30 and 2:30. Any longer and we either need to cut reps, cut weight or scale the movement.
Gear – take a look at the clock after round 1 and try to maintain that pace for the entirety of the workout.
Knots – coming out a little slower than normal will help you sustain in the later rounds. That might mean taking a few extra breaths between movements. It might mean taking scheduled breaks at specific reps. It might even mean slowing the movements down. Any way you chose, have a deliberate approach today.
Current – make sure you are being conscious of other people’s squares when you are leaving and returning to your box for the T2B.

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