Thursday – 9/16


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The Port


Nice Easy 600m Row

+ 2 Rounds:
10 Air Squats
5 Inchworm Push-Ups
5e Spiderman Rotations
10t alt. Single-leg V-Ups

+ Coaches Choice Mobility For the Day


60 Wall Balls (20/14)(14/10)
50 Cal Row
40 V-Ups
30 alt. Elevated Push-Ups
200m Farmer’s Carry (53/35)(35/26)
With a buddy! Split the work however you’d like.

Accessory work

A.: Banded Pull Aparts (3 X 20)
*Band resistance isn’t important. The scap squeeze is the priority. Bent over DB flys can be substituted here if you want. But banded pull aparts are a very valuable accessory piece.
B.: Wall Sit (3 X 1:30 )
Add weight if possible.

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