Wednesday- 7/14


The first annual Port Golf Tournament is here!
* Friday, September 17th – Tee Times start at 1pm at Pease Golf Course
* Teams of 4 – Scramble Play
* Food & Beverage will be provided by The Port during and after play
* Customized Port Golf shirts will be designed and sold for this event
* Prizes awarded to winning team, closest to the pin, and longest drive
* Email if you’re interested in joining us and want to receive more information
* Note: You don’t need to be an experienced golfer to join the fun!

The Port


400m Jog

+ 3 Rounds:
5 Inchworm Push-Ups
10 “Swimmers”
10 Hollow Hold Banded Pull-Downs


Every 4:00 X 5 Rounds:
200m Run (Start at bottom of stairs)
12 T2B
16 Hand-Release Push-Ups

Score is time per round.
Modify reps/movements to allow for at least 1-1:30 rest each round.

Burn WOD

Every 4:00 X 5 Rounds:
200m Run or 400m C2
12 Supine Bench Leg Lowers
12 DB Bench Press


3 Rounds:
20 Banded Straight Arm Pull-Downs
20 Banded Tricep Push Downs
20 DB Plank Pull-Throughs


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